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Class 2 Fire Props

Specialty Fire Props

Fire Eating:

Ancient biblical records make the first reference to to the most revered rulers and religious leaders who would eat and walk on fire as a test of strength and faith. Today fire eating is one of the more high-risk forms of fire manipulation which requires both skill and bravery.

Fire Breathing:

Fire breathing is hands-down simultaneously the most dangerous and the most impressive form of fire manipulation there is. The amount of time and dedication required to master the art of fire breathing puts this form of fire art in a different class (literally). FireCraft boasts some of the best fire breathers in the country, one of whom personally invented close to 80% of the most advanced fire breathing tricks in use today.  

Partner Snakes:

Using one pair of fire snakes is more than most fire performers are comfortable with. FireCraft takes things to a whole new level by taking two performers, each with a pair of the largest fire snakes you will ever see, and executes an incredible partner choreographed routine which engulfs the pair in multiple whirl-winds of flame!  

Fire Trifecta:

 The fire trifecta is a very new prop which was invented circa 2009. It consists of 3 single-ended fire staves, each individually connected to a common point (a steel ring). FireCraft’s own Mark Ravenbane is the most accomplished performer with this prop in the world. Even the inventor of this prop jumps at the opportunity to see Mark perform!

Dragon Staff:

The dragon staff is is sort of like a regular staff…on steroids! These staves boast between 8-10 wicks in total! In a perpetual rolling motion, they are maneuvered up, down, and all around the performer’s body.

Fire Bull Whip:

One of the most rare forms of fire play is the fire bull whip. The sound of a bull whip breaking the sound barrier is always impressive. Now imagine a plume of fire exploding from the end of the whip with every crack, and I promise you, your imagination will fall short! This is one form of fire manipulation whose full effect even a video camera fails to capture!                                                              

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