Class 1 Fire Props

Fire Poi:

Staff and Double Staves:

Fire Fans:


Fire Swords and Knives:

Palm Torches:

Fire Juggling:

Fire Snakes:

Fire snakes are the American “go big or go home” version of fire poi. Simply put, they are rope wicks that vary from 6” to 30” long with shorth lengths of chains and handles. They are maneuvered around the body in a similar manner to poi. Fire snakes are one of the larger flamed props, and are always a huge hit!

Fire Hoop:

Before it was known and recognized as the common colorful plastic toy, the traditional "hula hoop" used to be made of dried up willow, rattan, grapevines, or stiff grasses. Even though they have existed for thousands of years, they are often misunderstood as being invented in the 1950s. We have all tried a hula hoop at one point or another in our lives, but add the element of fire, and it is a whole new world!

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