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Shane Ravenbane

Owner and Director of Ravenbane's FireCraft

Shane works full time as an engineer designing heating systems for the railroad industry. He also owns his own company doing custom 3D design, fabrication of machinery, as well as creation and fabrication of fire props. He is a Ducati motorcycle enthusiast, and an amateur photographer.


In the fire world Shane is known as the driving force in Fire Manipulation Safety. He travels all over the country teaching the classes he designed to promote safe fire manipulation practices. Shane is the Event Safety Coordinator for Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festival in PA, and for North East Fire & Arts Festival in CT, along with several other events.


As a performer Shane is best known for his incredible fire breathing skills, his array of fire bull-whips and fire snakes, and for his part in dangerous partner fire manipulation maneuvers performed with both Mark and Amber Ravenbane.


Shane plays the part of the "King of DarkWorld" in Flambeaux Fire's on-going massive theatrical fire performance "The Calling" in NYC. He has performed for and with a number of clients that you might recognize, including Flambeaux Fire LLC, DJ Recluse, Synthetic Dream Studios, and BBC America.

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