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 FireCraft boasts the highest quality Clamp-on Hoop Wicks ever made. Made with 100% stainless steel, our wicks easily removed for travel or storage.
While our competitors offer a one-time use product which are a real pain in the neck to take off and put back on every time you need to take your hoop on the road, FireCraft Hoop Wicks can screw out, leaving the Clamp-On base exactly where you want it! No re-measuring or marking up your hoop to reattach them in the right places! You can also purchase any component of our system individually, so you can have Clamp-On bases on several hoops with one set of wicks that you can switch out quickly and easily.
Use our 100% Stainless Steel re-usable, re-wickable, replaceable Clamp-On Hoop Wicks on any hoop; large or small, canvased, taped, or sanded. Create your own Dragon or Helio Staff by adding these to the end of your fire staff (We used a similar model to create the Fire Canoe in "The Calling")!

Spring Loaded Clamp-On Hoop Wick (Single)

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