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FireCraft's Modular Dragon Staff is made with our standard staff as a starting point, with added wick bases that are mounted on both ends of the staff, and include 8 removable wicks. This staff can be used as a regular contact staff, as well as a Dragon staff, or a Cross staff. The  Wick Bases and Modular Wicks can be purchased separately if you already have a FireCraft Fire Staff. 

Note 1: Although these modular components may fit a staff from another manufacturer, they are designed to fit on FireCraft staves only. We do not guarantee a fit on any other staff. If you would like wick bases and wicks custom made to be retrofit onto your non-FireCraft staff, please contact us with your prop's shaft OD and request a custom order.
Note 2: FireCraft Fire Hoop Wicks will also fit into these bases. These wicks will fit into the hoop wick bases.

Modular Dragon Staff

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