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We made one run of these beauties, so be sure to get your first choice before it's gone! These hand-made etched thick-walled glass breathing bottles are a must-have for all fire breathers. The mechanical sealing cap is the one style of cap which we have never had leak over a 5-year test cycle. Each bottle is engraved with one of three designs: 
1. Silivam Draconem (Dragon Spit) DO NOT DRINK!
*With Rampant Dragon Head*
2. Lucerna Oleum (Fuel) DO NOT DRINK!
*With Flame Design*
3. Sanguineum Unicornis (Unicorn Blood) DO NOT DRINK!
*With Rampant Unicorn*
When breathing on hard surfaces like pavement or concrete, be sure to use one of our insulated colored neoprene wick protectors!!product/prd1/1482132355/grip-tape-(single)

Breathing Fuel Bottles

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