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Mark Ravenbane

Core Member of Ravernbane's FireCraft

Mark Ravenbane, a recent graduate in computer engineering, is one of the most talented members of Ravenbane's FireCraft. Mark picked up his first prop about 5 years ago one night when work was slow and within one year he had joined Shane Ravenbane playing with fire and teaching object and fire manipulation.


 Over his 4 years of fire manipulation, Mark has picked up many props including: juggling, contact juggling, poi, club manipulation, staff, double staff, fire breathing, fire eating, rope dart, Trifecta, and dragon staff. He is a proficient performer in all these props as well as with other non-fire props and he is always looking for something new to learn.


 Mark is best known for being the best "Trifecta" manipulator in the world, and has invented the majority of Trifecta moves used today. Even the inventor of the Trifecta prop, Playing Mantis, looks forward to attending Mark's Trifecta classes where he can learn to use the prop he invented.

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